Who are we?

We are one of the leading companies in the Polish market of financial services, one of the largest ones in the region of Pomerania. We have offices in two locations: in Gdynia and in Elbląg. As an institution of public trust, we are guided by the following values: Expertise, Ethics, and Efficiency. We strive to hire the best employees, whom we provide with the most optimal conditions for professional growth, and whom we actively support in systematically achieving their career-related goals by helping to identify and improve their competencies and talents.

We are a team of professionals who think outside the box, focused on efficiency, innovation, and delivery of optimal business solutions. For us, work is a passion and a way to achieve professional satisfaction.

The foundation of the BEST Group is the ability to work with people with different abilities, educational backgrounds and ages. Together we are building a culture of teamwork, whose major determinants include willingness to cooperate and mutual support. With us you get the chance to be involved in projects with an unlimited professional development potential.




1. Work - Life Balance

We promote a healthy lifestyle and are committed to achieving a work-life balance. As part of the HR programme, the Company holds Fruit Days, Vegetable Days, workshops and training in personal development (e.g. related to time management, or photography workshops), joint jogging, volleyball matches, meetings with a nutritionist, and many other initiatives.

2. Training and development

Our employees are given an opportunity to participate in numerous training seminars, conferences and congresses, as well as some innovative and often pioneering development projects.

3. Cafeteria scheme

The programme under which employees may choose from a broad range of the non-financial benefits offered by the Company.

4. Job Rotation

This is a development programme for employees in the various substantive areas, unconnected to the core job-related duties. In this way, we are able to identify the true potential and interests of our employees.

5. Flexible working time 

BEST has a flexible working time scheme in place. At the Operational Division we work in accordance with individually worked out schedules, whereas other divisions work at hours of their choice, remaining available to their colleagues' between 10:00 am and 03:00 pm. We continuously work out further optimisations in this respect.

6. Advanced processes

The foundation of our actions and business approach involves the use of advanced standards for process and project management. In this respect, we are one of the most innovative organisations in Poland.

7. Career path

Bearing in mind the potential of our employees and business partners, we actively support them in their quest for development and implementation of career plans within the dedicated career and development paths. 77% of our managers come from within the organisation.

8. High job satisfaction

In 2014, in a survey of employee satisfaction we achieved the score of 82%. It was 74% in 2013.