BEST Group: record high repayments and investments in claims for Q4 2016
 Grupa BEST: Rekordowo wysokie spłaty i inwestycje w wierzytelności w 4Q 2016 r.
According to a report published by BEST, in 2016 the Group recognised a significant increase in managed claims portfolios, amounting to 227.3 PLN million, in contrast to 184.3 PLN million in 2015. This represents an increase of over 23% YOY and it is one of the best dynamics for the growth of repayments among stock-quoted companies from the debt collection industry in this period. Record investments in new claims portfolios are also deserving of attention. Throughout 2016 the Group spent 258.3 PLN million for that purpose and acquired claims portfolios having a total nominal value of 2.3 PLN billion. This was three times more than in 2015.