An experienced partner

The BEST S.A. Capital Group specialises in the acquisition and service of non-performing debt. Our offer is addressed to banks, financial institutions and mass service providers. BEST S.A. services retail, corporate and B2B sector debts. The Company operates all over Poland.

If you become our partner and sell your claims or transfer their service to BEST S.A., you will be able to focus your resources on the company's core business. BEST S.A. attaches great importance to the strategic partnership with its partners that can not only save their time and resources, but also protect relationships with their own customers/ debtors. It is because of high service standards of BEST S.A. which actually add up to a positive market image of the partners. Not only does BEST S.A. aim for the efficient recovery of debt but also at an establishment of appropriate relationships with your debtors.

BEST S.A. has many years of experience – the Company is a co-author of best practices for the debt collection market business. An experienced team of BEST S.A. experts is able to provide efficient support through the use of advanced technologies and innovative methods of operation.


and professional focus


Experience and a professional focus:
  • many years of experience in the debt collection market,
  • a partner with an unblemished reputation, widely known for its care for the common interest of the parties, and full respect for the debtor’s rights,
  • focused business profile of BEST S.A.,
  • an experienced and professional team.
  • original, own-concept restructuring products and innovative debt collection processes,
  • flexibility of services to align with the client/partner needs,
  • use of innovative legal instruments,
  • an expert approach to the evaluation of retail and corporate portfolios,
  • an extensive system for operational efficiency reporting,
  • Lean Management and Six Sigma methodology.
  • the Company’s own, innovative IT system; a modern and stable technology (PDS AVAYA),
  • capability to handle one million contracts a month,
  • experts in the field of database management,
  • well-developed channels of mass communications (email, SMS, traditional mail),
  • a professionally organised archive and administrative back-office.
  • insightful portfolio analyses; exploring the potential using scoring models,
  • a modern reporting system – daily online reports,
  • innovative legal and enforcement measures.